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Pratinidi Feature-length film in Telugu Film: Pratinidhi, Starring: Nara Rohit, Shubra Ayyappa, Kota. Pia Amrita, Nandita Virajini, Metida Shiva, Vainesha Prabhu, etc.
The judge leads a trial on charges of murder A judge named Nakyuki, seeing how the kid was walking around the field where the buffalo were grazing, decided to protect him from the buffalo and took him into the forest, for which he was fined. The boy cries, and the judge says that he is small and cannot be protected.
But the child hysterically repeats that he cannot walk, because his leg is broken and he needs to be taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, this does not bother the judge and he calls the doctor and the boy is sent to the hospital...
How to explain to a child that doctors decide his fate and his place in the war against the armies of criminals, whom they call "peaceful farmers" and "activists"?
There is a way out ... I just came up with it. In a serious sense, in a life of madness, your children save!
About the film: From the day of birth to the last breath, people have always taken care of their children. Unfortunately, now, children suffer the same sorrows as their parents. Children are forced to lead the same life as their parents...
Shanana's release from detention Undercover police agent Safhad is killed. Her former leader, Yorick, is depressed. When Shanana shows up at the reception, everything falls into place. Safhand receives a signal that the past may yet come to light.
Departure from the Garden of Eden A team of women peacekeepers is sent to the Garden of Eden in their vehicle. All of them are in a great mood, just like in their usual position, but here they are threatened by various dangers.
Way out from everywhere Revolution in the school for the production of blood elixir. Ellixir alters the genetics of test subjects, turning them into Libersains. Cookie, who is immune to the elixin, resists this and becomes an Iron Warrior.
Film Raj Kapoor II - "Small Facts" - Cast: Sandeep Vijay, Anand Seth, Jayalalithaa Anand, Thanu Sene, Shivaku f02ee7bd2b